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      A bright spotlight for your achievements

      Who do you think of first when you’re looking for a collaborator? Most researchers naturally think of people... Read more

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      Efficiently building knowledge

        How much time do you spend adding to your knowledge base? Consider all the tasks involved: searching... Read more


      Encouraging and Supporting Researchers to Share Research Data

      Elsevier pilots are paving the way for data to be more easily shared, discovered and used. This article... Read more


      Pros and Cons of Taking Summer Courses

      Get ahead. Catch up. Stay focused. Stay on track. Rest. Take down time. Work. Play. The directives and... Read more


      5 Barriers to Starting Great Research Projects

      Are you having a hard time starting a research project???You’re not alone. Project Information Literacy found that 84%... Read more


      Wikipedia: The Personification of Your Freshman Orientation Friend

      Remember the first friend you made at freshman orientation at your college or university? Are you still friends... Read more


      Navigating the Research Process with TED speaker Uri Alon

      Getting started on a research project may seem more like an Odyssey than a 3-hour tour.?This often stems... Read more


      Finding Content: Big Data vs. Smart Data – There is a Difference

      There is no debate: big data is here to stay, especially in research. With the ability to collect... Read more

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