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    2. Mathematics & Statistics

      It has been said that “math is the language of science,” a common basis for understanding the world around us, no matter where in the world we are. From the most rudimentary measurements to the most sophisticated computational modeling, mathematics and statistical analysis are fundamental not only to pure scientific investigation, but to business, financial markets, health care, and more. In addition to providing core textbooks in algebra, calculus, analysis, probability, and statistics (including software such as R and BUGS), we publish valuable applied math reference content for professionals and researchers in all areas of physical and life science, finance, economics, engineering, and computing.

      Mathematics & Statistics

      Maryam Mirzakhani Was a Role Model for More Than Just Her Mathematics

      On July 14, Maryam Mirzakhani, Stanford professor of mathematics and the only female winner of the prestigious Fields... Read more

      Mathematics & Statistics

      How Math Education Can Catch Up to the 21st Century

      In 1939, the fictional professor J. Abner Pediwell published a curious book called “The Saber-Tooth Curriculum.” Through a... Read more

      Mathematics & Statistics

      Did Artists Lead the Way in Mathematics?

      Mathematics and art are generally viewed as very different disciplines – one devoted to abstract thought, the other... Read more

      Mathematics & Statistics

      With New Technology, Mathematicians Turn Numbers into Art

      Once upon a time, mathematicians imagined their job was to discover new mathematics and then let others explain... Read more

      Mathematics & Statistics

      Universities Should Require Science, Engineering and Commerce Students to Know Their Maths

      In 2013, a meeting of academics specialising in teaching first year undergraduate mathematics (known as the FYiMaths network)... Read more

      Mathematics & Statistics

      Uncertainties in GPS Positioning: A Mathematical Discourse

      In 2014, I read in Mathematics Today about a competition that was taking place called the Mathematical Competitive... Read more

      Mathematics & Statistics

      How Math and Driverless Cars Could Spell the End of Traffic Jams

      Being stuck in miles of halted traffic is not a relaxing way to start or finish a summer... Read more

      Mathematics & Statistics

      What Makes a Mathematical Genius?

      The film The Man Who Knew Infinity tells the gripping story of Srinivasa Ramanujan, an exceptionally talented, self-taught... Read more

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