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    2. Criminal Justice

      A highly evolved and complex criminal justice system makes enormous demands of the people who work in it. Professionals in law and criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, criminology, homeland security, crisis and emergency management, physical and computer security, and forensics all need up-to-date information in these constantly changing fields. Elsevier delivers this vital information to students, instructors, researchers, and practitioners through our industry-leading imprints: Anderson Publishing, Butterworth-Heinemann, Academic Press and Syngress.

      Criminal Justice

      Important News on Anderson Publishing

      Elsevier has sold the Anderson Publishing portfolio to Taylor & Francis, part of the Informa group. As part... Read more

      Criminal Justice

      Social Media Investigation for Law Enforcement

      This month, Forensic Magazine featured a chapter excerpt from the book Social Media Investigation for Law Enforcement, by... Read more

      Criminal Justice

      Top Nebraska Officials Push to Examine Criminal Justice System

      Nebraska’s three branches of government joined together last week to develop a long-term prison strategy to increase public... Read more

      Criminal Justice

      Punishing Blackness One Avatar at a Time: Why Criminologists Should Care More About Video Games

      Why should criminologists care about video games? The bulk of the literature focuses heavily on the criminogenic effects... Read more

      Criminal Justice

      Anderson Awards at ACJS 2015

      Papers from the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences are eligible for two Anderson... Read more

      Criminal Justice

      What Would Guy Fawkes Think?

      Who deserves twenty-five years in prison? A rapist? Or the man who helped to convict him? This controversy... Read more

      Criminal Justice

      Anderson Authors Win ACJS Awards!

      The 2014 ACJS 51st Annual Meeting was held February 18-22 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Among the 2014 award recipients... Read more

      Criminal Justice

      Criminal Court Videos Available Free Online

      This year John Fuller and I recorded and released 15 videos on U.S. criminal courts.? Each video offers... Read more

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